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The Victims of Domestic Violence Worry That Bail Reform Could Put Them in Danger.


The Languishing Hypothesis: David E. Krahl, Ph.D.

Jeff Kottkamp: ‘Catch and release’ proposal for criminals a bad idea

Bail Elimination, The Numbers Do Not Add Up

Krahl full report Languishing Hypothesis

Dallas, TX

Study shows Commercial Bail has the lowest Failure to Appear Rate

One out of every four Dallas County criminal defendants fails to show up for court, according to a yearlong study by a University of Texas at Dallas professor. In the county’s misdemeanor courts, almost 30 percent of defendants did not appear, according to the study by criminology professor Robert G. Morris. However, the county’s rate of missed court dates in its felony courts — 19 percent — was slightly better than national numbers. A 2007 Bureau of Justice Statistics report found that 23 percent of felony defendants failed to show for court from 1990 to 2004 in the nation’s 75 largest counties.

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Dallas Research Report -Pretrial Release Mechanisms

2011 Special Bail Industry Report

Roche Surety & Casualty Co., Inc. along with Professor David Krahl, PhD from the University of Tampa have completed the fourth study that is an extension of three prior studies. The findings in this study are remarkably consistent with the findings observed in the first three. Based on the analysis of nearly 53,000 cases and an array of secondary data sources, this most recent study demonstrates two principal findings:

  • The use of surety bonding by a single surety bonding company – Roche Surety & Casualty – saved county governments in the state of Florida over $400 million dollars in detention costs by admitting defendants to surety bonding instead of keeping them in pretrial detention.
  • The costs to build additional jail cells or dormitory-style beds to house these pretrial defendants alone would cost all Florida counties anywhere between $280.0 million and $983.1 million dollars on a statewide basis to construct the estimated 14,000 new jail beds that would be needed if surety bonding was not used.

The figures for 2011 are both staggering and enlightening!!!

If you would like to see a copy of this study, it is available for viewing and for download.

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