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2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad…Right?

2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad…Right?               More and more studies continue to come out regarding secret algorithm risk assessments. A recent study from Indiana courts stated: Bechtel et al. (2016) have conducted a meta-analysis of 16 studies testing the predictive … Continue reading

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New Mexico Rethinking Bail Reform

Two years ago voters in New Mexico, like New Jersey, were duped into believing a constitutional amendment regarding bail reform was necessary and would make New Mexico safer. Clearly, New Mexico bail reform has resulted in bail regress. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- … Continue reading

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Bail Reform – Another Strikeout

Like New Jersey, New Mexico, Maryland, Iowa, Gulfport MS, Mobile AL, Houston TX and many other places in a growing list of failed “Bail Reform”, the law-abiding taxpayers of Atlanta GA are the latest casualty. The article from WABE in … Continue reading

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Monetary Bail and Bail Schedules Ruled Constitutional

Two US Court of Appeals Wins for Victims, Taxpayers, and Law-Abiding Citizens!!! Within one week, two separate US Court of Appeals ruled Money Bail and Bail Schedules Are Constitutional Last week, the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit … Continue reading

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Bail Agents Are Professionals

Recently, a long-term Roche Agent, Joyce Weeks of Amherst Bail Bonds in New Hampshire retired. Anyone who knows Ms. Weeks would agree she is a true professional who has always looked out for the best interest of her clients. She … Continue reading

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Bail Reform, the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

In 2016, Alaskans hoping to save money through a “fairer” bail system passed SB 91. Since its enactment, several aspects have already been repealed because the bail reform sold to legislators was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dan Carothers retired … Continue reading

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Risk Assessment Tools: All Risk, Little Reward

  July 11, 2018 by Texas Alliance for Safe Communities As more states adopt risk assessment tools to gauge risk and recidivism, questions about efficacy, ethics and racial bias continue to rise The Texas Alliance for Safe Communities today issued the following … Continue reading

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Purpose of Risk Assessment tools failing

    Throughout the history of our Criminal Justice System, Judicial discretion has been an integral element when setting bail. Judges are often the most ethical, intelligent, and respected people in their communities. Before this social movement of bail reform, … Continue reading

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Less than 50% of Victims Report Crime

Who says crime doesn’t pay? A 2016 National Crime Victimization Survey showed less than 50% of victims report crimes. Only 42% of all violent crimes and 36% of property crimes were reported to law enforcement. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ … Continue reading

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Bail reform: A slap in the face to victims and survivors

I go to work each day to protect our nation’s most vulnerable — our children. As president of Stop Child Predators, it’s my job to educate families on sexual assault prevention and to stem the tide of dangerous trends that … Continue reading

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