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Bail Elimination, The Numbers Do Not Add Up

There is much discussion regarding the need to eliminate bail. Ignorant bail elimination advocates claim hundreds of thousands of defendants are languishing in jail, eliminating bail will save taxpayers money, and the bail system does not work.  Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Maryland Bail Reform Failures

As Bail reform sweeps the country, several unintended consequences are occurring. As previous posts have stated, the failure to appear rates are skyrocketing in jurisdictions that have adopted some type of reform. Harris county Texas jumped to almost a 40% … Continue reading

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Why we should all be concerned about the attempt to buy the District Attorney’s office

This story appeared in the Association of Deputy District Attorneys Los Angeles County newsletter. George Soros buying District Attorneys is of great concern. He is handpicking District Attorneys in large cities who have stated they will not enforce state or … Continue reading

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Bail Reform Failing in Mobile Alabama

Bail Reformists continue to spew lies regarding defendants being the victim and how well unaccountable reform is working. Houston Texas tried it and they have a deplorable 45% failure to appear rate. Other jurisdictions are seeing the same results. Mobile … Continue reading

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DC Pretrial Failure

DC Pretrial Failure – 10 years of NO improvement; Massive Taxpayer Expense Though DC claims to have eliminated “monetary” bail. Do not be fooled. They have not. All they did was shift over $500 million in cost from the defendant … Continue reading

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Roche Agent Gervaris Leaphart Recognized by Keiser University

Roche Agent-Gervaris Leaphart recognized by Keiser University I thought you all may want to know that Keiser University has recognized Gervaris as this year’s President’s Award Winner for outstanding work both in school and in the community. There is something … Continue reading

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Roche Surety Discusses Bail System Realities

Wow, how easily you all are duped. Jails are for processing those accused of crimes and holding those convicted of lesser crimes. Simple math logic proves Robin Steinberg is wrong and those who believe it will save money. The purpose … Continue reading

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