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Purpose of Risk Assessment tools failing

    Throughout the history of our Criminal Justice System, Judicial discretion has been an integral element when setting bail. Judges are often the most ethical, intelligent, and respected people in their communities. Before this social movement of bail reform, … Continue reading

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Less than 50% of Victims Report Crime

Who says crime doesn’t pay? A 2016 National Crime Victimization Survey showed less than 50% of victims report crimes. Only 42% of all violent crimes and 36% of property crimes were reported to law enforcement. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ … Continue reading

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Bail reform: A slap in the face to victims and survivors

I go to work each day to protect our nation’s most vulnerable — our children. As president of Stop Child Predators, it’s my job to educate families on sexual assault prevention and to stem the tide of dangerous trends that … Continue reading

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California Voters Reject Soros’ District Attorney Candidates

There is still hope for California after all! California voters sent three unqualified Soros backed District Attorney’s packing. All three were soundly defeated by as much as 30% due to publicly stating their reckless abandonment of the California State and … Continue reading

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Bail Elimination, The Numbers Do Not Add Up

There is much discussion regarding the need to eliminate bail. Ignorant bail elimination advocates claim hundreds of thousands of defendants are languishing in jail, eliminating bail will save taxpayers money, and the bail system does not work.  Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Maryland Bail Reform Failures

As Bail reform sweeps the country, several unintended consequences are occurring. As previous posts have stated, the failure to appear rates are skyrocketing in jurisdictions that have adopted some type of reform. Harris county Texas jumped to almost a 40% … Continue reading

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