Like New Jersey, New Mexico, Maryland, Iowa, Gulfport MS, Mobile AL, Houston TX and many other places in a growing list of failed “Bail Reform”, the law-abiding taxpayers of Atlanta GA are the latest casualty.

The article from WABE in Atlanta begins: “Atlanta City Council got a first look at the impacts of its bail reform policy Tuesday night, and so far, it’s not a pretty picture. Early numbers show the rate of people failing to return to court after being released without bail has doubled over the past year.”

“Rate of failing of to return to court has doubled”

Of course, bail reform advocates provide excuses, like Houston TX and other places, of why bail reform has changed to bail regress.

At least one honest legislator gets it: “The conclusion here — the elephant in the room — is that this is really just a bad law,” said City Council member Michael Julian Bond.

Why is it so difficult for many legislators to understand financial incentive and penalty exists in every industry (for profit, not-for-profit, and non-profit)? They live by financial incentive and penalty almost every day of their lives. Pay a bill on time, earn a better credit score. Pay a bill late, pay a late fee. Don’t pay a bill at all, lose the privilege of the business. It is so simple, yet bail reform advocates ignore facts of life. It is so basic, yet intelligent justices, professors, PHD’s, and legislators do not understand.

More and more studies prove monetary bail is far more effective at ensuring appearance for every court date than any other form of release. One recent study from Texas A&M stated: “Bail forfeiture rates are lower in the financial release system” The study compared two Texas counties and found the county using “risk assessments” had a 52% higher failure to appear rate!! Clearly risk assessments cannot predict appearance.

Bail forfeiture rates were 52% higher
when using risk assessments

Why do intelligent people continue to blatantly disregard the facts?  

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